-Flash back 

 I consider October 2008 to be my most significant season. As it is the year when Olena Dats' brand and Olena Dats' Gallery were founded.

After being recommended by Ukrainian Fashion Week, I premiered my Summer 2008 collection in the showroom during Paris Fashion Week.  I have always been passionate about new technologies in clothes and fabric design.  For that collection I had chosen a tiny element of Ukrainian embroidery, out of which a new big modern collection was born.  In 2008 we used it for the first time to create a fabric print design and since then it has been a kind of a talisman.  In the following collections the element became a part of the tag which can be found on every stitching label of our garments – a kind of guardian angel for our clients.

Since 2008, this element has evolved into a very successful one!

Finally in 2021 we had it 3D-printed in three dimensions.  The collection was presented in the Ukrainian pavilion at EXPO Dubai 2022.  In 2022, we went even further and the element is now virtual.

 Everyone can try on the blue and yellow dress at Dressex.com.  This virtual amulet was introduced in May 2022 during the Cannes Film Festival in the DPA Cannes gift showroom at the JW Marriott Hotel.