3D printed project "Changing the skyline". Photoshoot "Mimicry"

We are happy to present a new continuation of the virtual capsule story created by designer Olena Dats' with a help of modern technologies. 

3D printeelements are fragments of Ukrainian embroidery, which is an original talisman and some kind of conceptual complement skillfully woven into the idea of every dress by Olena Dats' brand.

Powerful elements of Ukrainian symbols exist in our DNA, they live and grow out of our skin.  Corsets in the form of a woman's breast were scanned from the designer's figure, printed on a 3D printer and decorated with additional elements – a peculiar response to the prehistoric times of matriarchy and the cult of the ancient Goddess.   When the wild tribes returned "to the smoke" - "to the home", to the family fireplace, being guarded by the woman Beregynya – the Goddess, who was eventually transformed into a God.  Now sadly, families are divided, but they have left their soul particles in each other.

The dresses created by the designer look like imaginative sculptures.   They bring new meaning to the space within which they appear.

They are representations for those who know how to adapt to the turbulence of the modern world and have the courage to outline their own horizons.

Each choice is an opportunity to advance to a further level and a chance to welcome the changes we dream of into our lives.  3D printing is a time-tested environmental technology that has allowed me to extend the boundaries of space and general methods of designing and creating garments in my new collection.

 I have always been interested in the spatial impact of form, the effect it creates and how form affects behaviour, the environment and perhaps even our destiny.

While working on this collection, I experienced the magical and mystical moment once again, as sculptural dimensional figures emerged from the surface of the woven canvas.  The time when you create a subtle structure, without which applied artwork is simply impossible, is perhaps one of the most precious experiences one can have as an artist.

The chosen technology has given me a certain independence.  After all, fantasy has no limits, although it often encounters obstacles dictated by those who help realise artist’s visions.   We have already seen that the virtual world is endless.  However the tactile sensations remain basic for me, I have enjoyed finding and adding new twists to them.  Most of my dresses, as if they had been ripped off the ground, lack gravity.  The fabrics are volatile and leave plenty of room for being natural.  It is the dynamics that becomes the basis of the relationship between the elements of the dress.

 PS.   "The mimicry of creativity in neural networks is defeated right where the artists have added themselves" - Maria Sharlai.

Photographer : 

Dmytro Komissarenko @dmytrokomissarenko


Olena Dats’@olenadats, Evgeniy Yovenko @liakaniy_